a wide concrete airfield, two ground services vehicles at the top right, in cloudy light.


A collection of [other] music. Experimental, conceptual, impromptu, electro-acoustic, generative, glitch and contemporary dance music works can be found here - as much as older, more "traditional, song-based, all-style approaches.

This Faircamp site spins off from kliklak.net, a loose Berlin-based music network since 2000, friends, with friends. We're tired of Bandcamp becoming a subsidiary of commercial music licensing. Nobody needs sharks lurking in the backyard pool.

We're sharing 128 kps files here. Bandcamp atm remains for high resolution audio.

Donations/patronage -> Liberapay or -> PayPal: jayrope-at-kliklak.net (no newsletters/ads, please).

Direct flowers & other compliments to @jrp@hub.kliklak.net (Fediverse). Thank you.

Email newsletter.

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